Verdeckkastenverkleidung Con-Cover
Seitenverkleidung Kofferraumverkleidung
Kofferraum-Seitenverkleidung Audi TT Roadster

Con-Cover™ moulded parts

Perfect fit and high-quality optics

Seitenverkleidung Formteil

We produce high-quality textile moulded parts especially for the individual requirements of the automotive industry. The moulded parts serve as lining of vehicle interiors.


  • high-quality surface and appearance
  • lightweight and durable
  • corrosion and weather resistant
  • fire resistant (optional)
  • many surface variations, e.g. textile, TPO
  • recyclable


  • floor coverings for automotive industry
  • side trim panels
  • spare tire compartment linings
  • wheelhouse linings
  • trunk lids / hatchback covers
  • storage box covers and compartments



Customer-specific production*


On time delivery

Technical support on-site after delivery!


Formed parts

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