Palettenbox aus Con-Pearl® in Container
Mehrweg-Behälter aus Con-Pearl in der Logistik
Paletten Container Plastik für Transportlogistik
Großladungsträger faltbar in Logistikhalle
Kunststoff Palettenbox vor Transporter

Foldable reusable packaging

Pallet boxes, plastic gaylord boxes and collapsible bulk containers

Reusable packaging containers made of Con-Pearl® provide significant advantages in most cases over one-way packaging and multiway packaging made of steel or wood.

High flexibility, long life cycles and a strong performance make Con-Pearl® pallet containers a superior alternative.
The Return on Invest is mostly reached in less than a year.

We offer individual packaging solutions for your multiway logistics. Our Con-Pearl® pallet sleeves and gaylord containers are manufactured for any pallet in a wide variety of dimensions.
Con-Pearl® has established itself as the benchmark for pallet container packaging since its introduction in 1990.


  • light, stable plastic gaylord boxes
  • foldable pallet sleeve made of Con-Pearl®
  • gaylord box reduced to only 20% of its volume in return
  • up to 80% decreased transport costs
  • plastic pallet box with lid and pallet build a closed unit
  • guaranteed safe, clean and efficient transportation
  • weather resistant, very robust
  • can be industrially cleaned

Our pallet containers and pallet sleeves are regularly inspected by official institutes.

Comparison gay lord boxes

Instabile Stapelung gegenüber stabilen Großladungsträgern aus Con-Pearl

one-way packaging


unstable stacking

durable gay lord container

dimensionally stable

high rack

block storage

plastic gaylord box: Light TECH Box
Gitterbox Nachteile gegenüber Con-Pearl Großladungsträger



high risk of injury


limited space reduction


very quit

ergonomic and safe


space reduction up to 80%

Mehrwegbehälter volumenreduziert
Einwegverpackung gegenüber Con-Pearl Palettenbox


not stackable

environmentally unfriendly




environmentally friendly

plastic gaylord box: Light TECH Box
Lose Verpackung unordentlich gegenüber Con-Pearl Gefachen und Palettenboxen


loose packaging



compartments and special containers

planing and developing with 3D visualization

Gefache Sonderladungsträger

Reusable packaging and pallet box sleeves

Con-Pearl® pallet sleeves, plastic gaylord boxes and collapsible bulk containers

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