Individual packaging solutions for your
multiway logistics

Con-Pearl® pallet boxes provide significant advantages in most cases over one-way packaging and
multiway packaging made of steel or wood. They are flexible, long-lasting, robust and lightweight. 
The Return on Invest is mostly reached in less than a year. Our Con-Pearl® pallet sleeves and gaylord containers are manufactured for any pallet in a wide variety of dimensions.
Con-Pearl® has established itself as the benchmark for pallet container packaging since its introduction in 1990.Our pallet containers and pallet sleeves are regularly inspected by official institutes.

Our packaging is…

  • lightweight and stable high loads with low weight
  • extremely flexible made according to the customer’s wishes
  • volume can be reduced easily folded to save space
  • sustainable reusable and recyclable

produkt range – packaging

Lifecycle Con-Pearl logistics


Reusable packaging containers made of Con-Pearl® provide significant advantages over one-way packaging and multiway packaging made of steel or wood.


  • formstable
  • high rack- and block
Light TECH Box gestapelt.
Einwegbehälter instabil


  • one-way packaging
  • instable


  • cost efficient
  • environmentally friendly
  • robust & stackable
Light TECH Box durable
Zerbrechlich nicht stapelbar


  • fragil
  • not stackable


  • foldable, lightweight and without noise
  • low risk of injury
  • 80 % space reduction
Light TECH Box Palettensystem
Gitterbox schwer laut


  • heavyweight, noisy
  • high risk of injury
  • limited space reduction

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