Con-Pearl® sleeves

lightweight, stable, durable and 100% recyclable

Behälterring lange Seite offen, Ring überlappt für GLT

Return transport volume savings up to 80%

  • available as single and multi-piece sleeves
  • with M-folding or Z-folding
  • in all common sizes with typical pallet contours
  • customized production
  • individual sleeve dimension
  • load door in different designs (with hook and look tape or slide locking)
  • in RAL or Pantone colours or with print
  • pallet sleeves with sealed edges possible

Our pallet containers and sleeves are regularly tested by official institutes.

Single piece pallet sleeve

Single piece pallet sleeves provide the highest load capacity and best handling features. The custom design ensures efficiency of the sleeve pack. Different and easy-folding systems allow optimal volume reduction. Return transport volume savings up to 80%.

Easy to set up in less than 10 seconds!

Behaelterring Z-Faltung mit Ladeklappe Con-Pearl

More configurations

 Hinges on the short side allow the sleeve to fully collapse for optimal return and stacking.

Con-Pearl-Ring M-Faltung


Hinges on the short side allow the sleeve to fully collapse for optimal return and stacking.

Grossladungstraeger Ring Z-Faltung


Hinges on the long side allow the sleeve to fully collapse for optimal return and stacking.

Multi-part pallet sleeves

Multi-part pallet sleeves are perfect for easy loading and unloading of products. The main characteristics include simplified handling, process oriented configurations and volume reductions up to 80%.
Multi-part pallet sleeves in the various configurations with an opening at the narrow side or at the long side are produced individually for you.

More configurations

C-Ring einer Palettenbox, längsseitig, symmetrisch

Configuration 1

C-formed sleeve, long side, symmetric

C-Ring eines Großladungsträgers, stirnseitig, symmetrisch

Configuration 2

C-formed sleeve, front wall, symmetric

GLT-Behälterring, kurze Seite offen, Platte überlappt

Configuration 3

short side open, front panel overlaps sleeve

GLT-Behälterring, kurze Seite offen, Ring überlappt

Configuration 4

short side open

Palettenbox-Behälterring, lange Seite offen, Platte überlappt

Configuration 5

long side open, front panel overlaps sleeve

plastic pallet box sleeve with long side open, sleeve overlaps

Configuration 6

long side open

Options for Con-Pearl® sleeves

Ladeklappe Light TECH Box Detail

Load door

The load door is an important feature for loading and unloading large carriers with single piece pallet sleeves.

  • in many dimensions and types available
  • various locking systems, e.g. hock and loop tape or slide locks

Please contact us for individual support.

Dokumententasche Großladungsträger Detail

Document pocket

As an alternative a placard label holder can be attached to the sleeve. The label lasts as long as necessary on the pallet container and can be removed free of residues.

ESD Behälter Schutz Symbol

Electrostatic discharge

Electrostatically sensitive goods require secure transport and protected storage. To avoid damaging ESD (electrostatic discharge)-sensitive products, your packaging has to be made of electrically conductive plastics. We offer ESD protection as an additional equipment feature of our gaylord boxes.

Reusable packaging and pallet box sleeves

Con-Pearl® pallet sleeves, plastic gaylord boxes and collapsible bulk containers

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